9.04.23 Labor Day Sale: Unleash Your Creativity with Stunning Colorful Flyers!

LABOR DAY SALE ENDS SEPTEMBER 4, 2023 Special Discounts Summer is winding down, and the crisp breeze of fall is just around the corner. What better way to welcome the new season than by promoting your upcoming events with eye-catching, vibrant flyers? Get ready to be amazed as One-Stop Public Services presents its jaw-dropping Labor […]


Livescan Level-2 Fingerprint & Background Check Services for Caregiver Medical Marijuana Card Process, Procedures and Fees: STEP 1: STEP 2: OUR FEES for Fingerprints & Background Check Services and Passport Size Photo: Step 3: OMMU FEES for Application for Caregiver Medical Marijuana Card and Retention: OTHER: Document Preparation Services Fee: NEED US TO HELP YOU […]

Spring Business Cards Sale

Business Cards and Business to Business Special – Offer Limited Time Only. SPRING BUSINESS CARDS SALE SPECIAL We have 2 types of really affordable cards available for your business! This is our SPRING BUSINESS CARDS SALE EXTENDED until Apri 30, 2023 1) SMALL BUSINESS STARTERS – Business Cards – Perforated Matte 2) CLEAN EDGE BUSINESS […]


Services Blog Contact Get Consultation 863.949.0579 Give us a call to schedule a consult or come on by and get your prints done same day.  Let’s get social, follow, like and share our pages.   Quick Links About Us Services Blog Pricing Contact Useful Links Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Disclaimer Support FAQ Blogs Keep up […]

Solemnizing a Rite of Matrimony Required Proceedings – Original Itemize Fees & Discounts

Things to know prior to the marriage ceremony scheduling and availability request: PERFORMING CEREMONY: Performing Marriage Ceremony: our office charges $75 to perform a small ceremony at OUR office or location within our facility. E.g. Dock at Lake Reedy, our office’s railroad tracks or Under the Lights in Wall Street. The ceremony may be personalized, […]

Paralegal Services

***Attorneys, Attorneys, Attorneys!! Needing services in Central Florida*** Notary Public Office- Paralegal Services Provided: We will meet with your clients, verify their ID, gather facts, retrieve information and execute, gather and analyze documents for your case! Our office is fully equipped and secured to conduct services. We also make copies of your evidence notebooks and […]


IN PERSON NOTARY PUBLIC SERVICES Licensed with the Florida Department of State; E&O Insured This fee does not apply for Loan Signings, Vin Verification, or Solemnizing a Marriage. Notary Public Services – $10 per stamp – These services require fully completed forms. Forms cannot be signed until presented to the notary public agent and verification […]