Things to know prior to the marriage ceremony scheduling and availability request:

  1. The couple must present a valid Florida Marriage License obtained from a County Court Judge or Clerk of the Circuit Court.
  2. It is advised to check both the effective and the expiration dates of the license to ensure that the license is valid.
  3. Require valid identification if the bride and groom are not personally known. *Note: The marriage license is only valid for 60 days after issuance. Thus, the ceremony must be performed before these 60 days expire.


Performing Marriage Ceremony: our office charges $75 to perform a small ceremony at OUR office or location within our facility. E.g. Dock at Lake Reedy, our office’s railroad tracks or Under the Lights in Wall Street.

*** Valentine’s Wedding Special – performing ceremony Discounted to $35 – Limited Time Only – Offer expires 2/15/23 – See below!!!***

The ceremony may be personalized, and the bride and groom may even exchange their own vows. However, the couple’s vows must reflect their
intentions to make a legally binding commitment to each other.

The fee for a Small Ceremony is for groom, bride and 2-10 invited guests at OUR location or above listed locations.


Completing the certificate portion of the Marriage Certificate. Our office charges $30 as State and County alloted fee to Execute, Stamp and Certify the Marriage License in black ink.

OTHER VENUES – Need a bigger Venue?

Venue fees and Venue Travel Fees – depends on venue location and availability

  1. Frostproof’s Ramon Theater,
  2. Mister Chris’ Coffee Depot, and
  3. Community Center for City of Frostproof.
  4. If Ceremony is performed at a different venue not listed above, additional travel fees will apply to travel to your choice of venue. Travel fee depends on distance.

Other venues available upon request, location availability and venue’s reservation fees depends on owners/directors.

Our office will refer you to speak directly to the venue owners/directors. No additional fee added for venue referral.


NOTARY IS REQUIRED to return the certificate to the office that issued the marriage license no later than 10 days of solemnizing the marriage.

Travel fee to Polk County and Highlands County Courthouse is $25. For any other county in Florida, additional travel fees apply depending on distance.


Photographer and photo fees are separate and available upon request and availability – must be confirmed with our photographer.

Photographer fee is $225 per hour does not include photos/videos. (Minimum of 1 hour)

Photo fee packages are:

  1. 1-75 images from $5 – $375 ( around $5 per image)
  2. 76-100 images from $300 – $400 (around $4 per image)
  3. 101-300 images from $350 – $1,050 (around $3.50 per image)
  4. 301 – 500 images from $900 – $1,500 (around $3 per image)

DOES NOT include photo additional edits, formatting or video creation.

*Discount running and will expire February 15, 2023 –

DISCOUNT – $65 for performing ceremony and certifying marriage certificate at our locations listed above. Expires 2/15/23 – no exceptions!

Does not include travel fees, venue fees or professional photos, if needed.


One-Stop Public Services, Inc. is located at 115 E. Wall Street Frostproof, FL 33843 – Tel 863-949-0579

Save the Date – – bookings tab!

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