Fingerprint & Background Check Services

What is a Level -2 Fingerprint & Background Check?

Florida’s Level 2 fingerprint & background check involves a National and State Fingerprint-based check. The applicant’s fingerprints are digitally submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for results.

You may find us at the FDLE Vendor’s Website to confirm our services are approved by the FDLE Department.

The results are then submitted by the FDLE to the agency or government institution who is requesting the background check information.

What is an ORI number?

The ORI number stands for “Originating Agency Identification” and it is typically a 9 digit identifier that is associated with the specific agency that is requesting your fingerprints.

You need to know your ORI number to schedule any Level 2 background check services.

Below you will find a list of ORI Numbers – These ORI Numbers are subject to change in the FDLE and FBI database. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the ORI Number with the Agency that is requesting your fingerprints and background check.

All clearinghouse employees require a Photo Capture.

Fees are subject to National, State and Retention Fees associated with your ORI Number. To provide you a quote we will need you to provide the accurate number associated with your application.

ORIAgencyProfession/Provider Type
EDOH0380ZDOH*Certified Nursing Assistant by Exam
EDOH2014ZDOH*Physician/Medical Doctor
EDOH2015ZDOH*Osteopathic Physician
EDOH2016ZDOH*Chiropractic Physician
EDOH2017ZDOH*Podiatric Physician
EDOH2550ZDOH*RN/LPN by Exam – Initial
EDOH3451ZDOH*Orthotist & Prosthetist
EDOH4400ZDOHC.N.A by Reciprocity
EDOH4410ZDOHLPN by Endorsement
EDOH4420ZDOHRN by Endorsement
EDOH4510ZDOHAnestesiologist Assistant
EDOH4520ZDOHAthletic Training
EDOH4530ZDOHClinical Lab Personnel
EDOH4540ZDOHClinical Nurse Specialist
EDOH4550ZDOHClinical Social Work, Marriage & Family, Mental Health Counseling 
EDOH4590ZDOHHearing Aid Specialist
EDOH4600ZDOHMassage Therapy
EDOH4610ZDOHMedical Physicist 
EDOH4640ZDOHNursing Home Administrator 
EDOH4650ZDOHOccupational Therapy
EDOH4690ZDOHPhysical Therapy
EDOH4700ZDOHPhysician Assistant
EDOH4720ZDOHRespiratory Care
EDOH4730ZDOHSchool Psychology
EDOH4740ZDOHSpeech/Language Pathology
EAHCA790ZManaged CareAll
EAHCA013ZMedicaidFlorida Medicaid Providers and Enrollees
EDOEVR100Vocational RehabilitationVendor Registration Employee / Volunteer
EDOEVR200Vocational RehabilitationIndependent Living Employee / Volunteer
VDOEVR100Vocational RehabilitationVendor Registration Volunteer
VDOEVR200Vocational RehabilitationIndependent Living Volunteer
EDCFMH20ZDCFDCF Mental Health Providers
EDCFSC30ZDCFDCF Summer Camp Providers
EDJJ1940ZDJJDepartment of Juvenile Justice
EDOEA310ZDOEADepartment of Elder Affairs
VDJJ1940Z DJJVolunteer
FL924040ZClerk of CourtsPolk County Circuit Court Name Change
FL923790ZClerk of CourtsHillsborough County Circuit Court Name Change
FL924030ZClerk of CourtsPinellas County Circuit Court Name Change
FL028023ZClerk of CourtsHighlands County Circuit Court Name Change
FL921650ZDORSecond Hand Dealer License
FL921700ZFHSMVAuto Dealer License
FL924360ZFHSMVCDL School Instructor License
FL920010ZFLDBPRReal Estate Sales and Broker
FL922050ZFLDBPRReal Estate Appraisers
FL923400ZFLDBPRConstruction / G Contractor’s License
FL921932ZFLDBPRCommunity Association Managers
FL921670ZFLDBPRTalent Agents
FL922040ZFLDBPRAthlete Agents
FL921880ZFLDBPREmployee Leasing
FL920150ZFLDBPRAlcoholic, Beverages & Tabacco
FL924250ZFLDBPRHome Inspectors
FL924260ZFLDBPRMold Remediation or Assessment
FL924270ZFLDBPRMilitary Endorsement
FL924780ZFLDBPRDrugs, Devices & Cosmetics
FL921900ZFLDBPRFlorida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (FCTMH)
FL920630ZFLDBPRPari-Mutuel Wagering (PMW)
FL923230ZFLDBPRPari-Mutuel Slots (PMW)
FL921050ZNMLS License Florida Mortgage Broker & Lender License
FL921250Z NMLS License Division of Securities
FL924860ZNMLS License Florida Collection Agency
FL924890ZOMMUOffice of Medical Marijuana Use
V29030051Rasmusen Tampa/Brandon Campus
V51030013Rasmusen Central Pasco
V42030001Rasmusen Ocala Campus
FL923130ZDOAD License (Security Officer)
FL923130ZDOAG License (Armed Security Officer)   
FL923130ZDOACC License (Private Investigator Intern)
FL923130ZDOAK License Firearm Instructor
FL923130ZDOADI (Security Officer Instructor)
FL923130ZDOAM (Manager of Security & Private Investigation Agency)
FL923130ZDOAMA (Manager of Private Investigative Agency) 
FL923130ZDOAMB (Manager of Security Agency)
FL923130ZDOAE (Recovery Agency)
FL923130ZDOAEE (Recovery Agency)
FL923130ZDOADS (Security School)
FL923130ZDOAC (Private Investigator)
FL923130ZDOAA (Private Investigation Agency)
FL923130ZDOARI (Recovery School Instructor)
FL925080ZFlorida HempHemp Cultivation License
FL737111ZNMLS License Florida Mortgage Loan Originator License