Solemnizing a Rite of Matrimony Required Proceedings – Original Itemize Fees & Discounts

Things to know prior to the marriage ceremony scheduling and availability request: PERFORMING CEREMONY: Performing Marriage Ceremony: our office charges $75 to perform a small ceremony at OUR office or location within our facility. E.g. Dock at Lake Reedy, our office’s railroad tracks or Under the Lights in Wall Street. The ceremony may be personalized, […]

Notary Public Services

$10 Per Stamp – all notarial processing requires current ID, fully completed documents and signer(s) present. Acknowledgements Oaths Affidavits Affirmations Verified Letters Court Forms – Divorce, Paternity, Name Change and fully completed court packages Settlement Agreements Last Will & Testament Healthcare Surrogate & Living Will Power of Attorney Child Travel or Sport Consent Forms Notice […]